Image of Conclusion Tee

Conclusion Tee


There's something poetic and powerful about last words. We wanted to draw a line connecting legacy and the pursuit of success by using iconography representing hard work and chance.

The result is our new tee designed by California based Jayson Payne, 3 colors front and back, printed in NYC.

Check our radio page for Jayson's playlist 'new chords from a thin wire'.

Sizing measurements are listed in inches as follows:

Width / Length
S 18 / 28
M 20 / 29
L 22 / 30
XL 24 / 31

Image of Conclusion Tee
Image of Doing Bucket Hat Image of Doing Bucket Hat
Doing Bucket Hat
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W.I.P. Hat
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Image of Doing Hat
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$40.00 — Sold out
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